Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Magic Bubble-Gun

The Magic Bubble-Gun

The boy sat with his Grandpa 
By a fountain in the sun,
Creating iridescent orbs
With his magic Bubble-Gun.
I watched him pull the trigger
As he set the bubbles free,
Intriguing him, his Grandpa,
And captivating me.
I watched the beaming older man,
I watched the little boy,
Then recognized that they had bought
A little slice of joy!
My heart and lips were unconstrained,
Embarrassing but true:
I locked eyes with the Grandpa
And said, "I want one, too!"
But the Grandpa spoke no English,
And my efforts were in vain;
Just where one purchased Bubble-Guns
I could not ascertain.
But I was on a mission now
To find where joy was sold!
I asked a store proprietor
And very soon was told
To find the shop on St. George Street,
Down by the water wheel;
I walked those ancient streets again
With purpose and with zeal!
I walked into the little shop,
I bought a bit of mirth!
And there are those who understand
Exactly what that's worth!
And now, perhaps, you'll see me, too,
Sitting in the sun,
Creating streams of colored orbs
With MY magic Bubble-Gun!

Linda Moser Winebrenner
April 10, 2012
(Written after our trip to St. Augustine ~ and, yes, my granddaughter, Jessi, understood!) 

"Never have I enjoyed youth 
so thoroughly
as I have in my old age."
George Santayana


  1. This is just too good!!!!! Now I want a bubble gun! I am known as the queen of bubbles, and will do bubbles any time there is a kid around. Believe me, I'm one who understands.

    And thank you for your comment on my blog today. I celebrate today with you, my friend. To abide under His wings -- what a place to be. My all time favorite song -- in fact, I went to bed last night singing that song.

  2. If you ever get up to St. Augustine, Cora, they sell them at the Grist Mill Store!

  3. I want one too!! Nice to meet your blog, Linda, we have much in common! All Best, Laine

  4. Hi, Laine
    Now who would have better access to a bubble gun than you? You work in St. Augustine, you lucky girl! Perhaps one sunny day we could meet for lunch and bring our bubble guns! Now there's a plan :-)

    So glad you stopped by my blog. I am enjoying yours, as well, although we've had company twice this month and we spent three days down in Palm Coast on the beach, so I've been a little out of touch.