Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Never-Ending Poem

Statue at Maria's House in St. Augustine

I started this poem many years ago, lost it, then rediscovered it a few days ago.
This morning I added to it, and I shall add to it throughout my life...a never-ending poem of gratitude.

Inspired by these words:
"Call a man ungrateful and you can call him no worse."
Matthew Henry

A Never-Ending Poem of Gratitude

Perhaps it may seem small to some,
This life I that I am living,
But God and Time have blessed me with
These reasons for thanksgiving.
And if it's just minutiae
To any eyes but mine,
I'll gather here what I hold dear,
Preserving, line by line,
Little shafts of splendor
That have lit my world a while ~
My husband's glance across a room;
My grandchild's four-toothed smile.
The soft eyes of a cocker
That reflect the bond we share;
The dance of waves upon the shore
That holds me captive there.
Old photographs of loved ones
That negate the fleeting years;
A poem that captures loveliness
Before it disappears.
A pair of humble feet adorned
With lace-like seaside foam;
Hearing Allen's truck pull in ~
God brought him safely home.
Smelling Carla's homemade bread,
Then drenching it in butter;
Knowing God will hear the prayers
A broken heart may utter.
Stars that shine above me 
On a clear and silent night;
Forgiveness from another
That sets our world aright.
New bookstores and old bookstores
With human thought aflame;
Rocking chairs that ease the cares
Of any human frame.
Having a Bible of my own,
Penned by the heart of God;
Having someone read my poems
And not think I'm so odd.
Reading a book while snuggled up
In the span of an old armchair;
Sitting alone on a weathered porch
And finding God is there.
Living to see another Spring
When all the world's abloom;
The "oldies" shared with Allen 
As we dance across the room.
The gift of a letter from a friend,
Erasing  years and miles;
A small child's open-heartedness
That charms me and beguiles.
Butterflies and lightning bugs
Darting through the air;
Knowing someone cared enough
To hold me up in prayer.

(to be continued, of course!)

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

I was shopping the other day and all of the carts were taken.
I saw an elderly lady checking out, so I walked up to her
and asked, "Could I wait for your cart?"
She seemed to hesitate a bit, and then nodded her consent.
She was going through her wallet,
and then she asked the cashier if this was the right card
(for that store).
The cashier said yes, and then the little lady turned to me
and tried to hand me her card.
I was falling all over myself, saying
"No! No!  I wanted to wait for your c-a-r-t!!"
Bless her heart, she was willing!
And that's the Spirit of Christmas, I'd say! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Missing my Beach World
But I know it will be there when I return.
Always and always it has awaited my return
and welcomed me with back with open arms.