Friday, May 11, 2012

In Celebration of You!

I woke today at dawn and thought:
My friend shall think that I forgot
That on this day in Fifty-Two
Your lovely Mom gave birth to you!
I do the math...I'm unconsoled;
My dear friend, George, is getting old!
Sixty Years!  How can it be
That we have both grown elderly?!
Back in another place and time
We met when we were in our prime.
I was a maiden poetess;
You were a lad, but with finesse
You won my friendship early on ~
Indeed, you've been a paragon
Of all I'd wish a friend to be;
A friend who never quit on me.
So, on this special day in time,
I celebrate you in a rhyme!
You're Sixty ~ We need levity!
Let's celebrate longevity!
Happy Birthday, Friend of Mine
George B. Kalbfleisch
Born 11 May 1952
From 19 years old to 60 years old you've been my friend.
You deserve a medal, George!
(Photo above taken on another May day in 1974)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blue Bell Ice Cream Wars

Blue Bell Ice Cream Wars

There's been a revelation in
This friendship that we share,
A pushing of the envelope
When we became aware
That for all our generosity
Of spirit, heart and mind,
When it comes to Blue Bell Ice Cream,
Our limits are defined!
I had told you how delicious
I found Blue Bell to be,
I explained that their Dutch Chocolate
Was simply heavenly.
And so you bought a carton, too,
And called me up to say
That, indeed, it was delicious
In each and every way!
You found it quite full-flavored,
You found it quite divine;
(Apparently your love of it
Was similar to mine.)
And I was pleased, I really was,
That you took me at my word.
But then that ice cream went on sale
And things became absurd!
You raced on down to Publix;
I had to do the same,
And who would end up with the most
Was much more than a game!
My mother said that Walgreens, too,
Had put Blue Bell on sale,
I mentioned it and was amazed
At your desire to prevail!
Then I found out Winn-Dixie
Had reduced their prices, too.
I told my mom about it,
But I wasn't telling you!
And so the saga ends with this:
We each had found our seven.
In greed we filled our freezers up,
Now we're in Blue Bell Heaven!
And I'm glad to know our friendship
Has proved, somehow, to be
Greater than our appetites
And our great gluttony!

Written for Lisa Stocks
8 May 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunrise and a Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Discovery flew over us at Beverly Beach
on Tuesday, 17 April 2012.
This was her last flight and she was on the back of a 747,
headed for the National Air and Space Museum in
Chantilly, Virginia.
I was so happy to have taken this shot and to have witnessed
a bit of history. 

And this was the morning's sunrise.
Beverly Beach, Florida
It was a great morning!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Beach Couple, Hand-in-Hand

This couple was on the beach this morning
and went into the water hand-in-hand.
I thought it was so sweet.
When they came out, I told them I had taken their picture
because they reminded me of a quote I recently saw online.
An older couple, holding hands, was asked how
they had stayed together so long.
The reply was,
"We came from a time when, if it was broke
you fixed it, you didn't throw it away."
The wife in the photo above told me it so happens that they were celebrating their own Fiftieth Anniversary this weekend.
So, I came back to the RV and printed out this picture for them.  I walked down to their RV and she was sitting outside
and I gave it to her.  Her eyes welled up, then she said 
that she had told her husband what a gift my words
to them had been this morning, 
a perfect gift for their anniversary.
Now they have a photo, too, of their special weekend.