Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reflections on Cheating myself

Sometimes I think I cheat myself out of the manifold blessings
an ordinary day can hold.
The means by which I am able to cheat myself are varied,
but might include:
  • Not seeking God's presence
  • Refusing His admonition to "pursue peace"
  • Not seeking silence and its riches
  • Not getting outside where my soul must acknowledge His power, revealed in the wind, the waves, the endless wonder
  • Having a spirit of ingratitude 
  • Not accepting others as they are, as I, myself, wish to be accepted
It helps to be aware of my proclivity for robbing myself.
It helps when I humbly ask the Creator to "teach me what I do not see." (Job 34:32)  For only then do I begin to comprehend that sometimes His blessings require my active participation, as I am asked to seek, to recognize, to acknowledge, to pursue, to pray, to accept, to receive ~ and lastly, and perhaps most importantly, to be grateful...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Day at the Creek in Roebuck, South Carolina on 5 August 2011

I don't quite know what it was about these temporarily abandoned Barbie dolls
that struck me and made me take a photo of them.
Aly and I were going to the creek with her Mom, Carla, 
with my Mom, "Nana", and with Joey and Megan.
Before we left the house, Aly brought out her two dolls, sans clothing, to accompany us.
I mentioned that I thought they were not properly dressed for the excursion
but, alas, she had no bathing suits for them.
I told her to find some tape and we each created stunningly designed (don't you think)
swimming attire for them.

One of many things I love about my daughter, Carla, is how she does things
with her children that I used to do as a child in the 1950's.
Simple things, family frolics, reading, playing cards and board games, playing outside.
She really makes the effort, in this technological era.

Free Serenity

Carla and Mom ~ Granddaughter & Grandmother
relaxing on the creek bank

Joey off on a "boy~thing" adventure at the creek

Sammie and Megan, off on their own adventure