Friday, May 11, 2012

In Celebration of You!

I woke today at dawn and thought:
My friend shall think that I forgot
That on this day in Fifty-Two
Your lovely Mom gave birth to you!
I do the math...I'm unconsoled;
My dear friend, George, is getting old!
Sixty Years!  How can it be
That we have both grown elderly?!
Back in another place and time
We met when we were in our prime.
I was a maiden poetess;
You were a lad, but with finesse
You won my friendship early on ~
Indeed, you've been a paragon
Of all I'd wish a friend to be;
A friend who never quit on me.
So, on this special day in time,
I celebrate you in a rhyme!
You're Sixty ~ We need levity!
Let's celebrate longevity!
Happy Birthday, Friend of Mine
George B. Kalbfleisch
Born 11 May 1952
From 19 years old to 60 years old you've been my friend.
You deserve a medal, George!
(Photo above taken on another May day in 1974)


  1. Love this tribute to your dear friend, Linda.

  2. We were in our twenties in that photo, Andrea. It amazes me how fast the years have flown. I am proud to have won his friendship - and kept it for over forty years. As I said, HE deserves a medal!